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For Nest Foundation the greatest wealth are the Bulgarian people.

Nest Foundation mission- to turn Bulgaria into one exceptionally attractive country for living, science, business, culture and sport!

The main purpose of NEST Foundation is to help for the integration of Bulgaria in the European Union and the world.

The program of Nest Foundation is realistic finished weaving from the Bulgarian's people daily needs and supported from the institutions, the business and not governmental organizations.

The projects of Nest Foundation are direct mainly to the Bulgarian people and the opportunity every one of us, on the basic of our abilities, can receive equal chances, dependent exceptionally and only from our professional abilities and skills.

Nest foundation actively is searching and assists young and capable, to realized and to work actively for Bulgaria.

The air, the water, the soil are the three elements of the nature. This vital environment we all called Ecology and Nest Foundation wants this environment to be for all people in Bulgaria, including it in the foundation's proprieties.

Bulgaria has history and culture heritage for which many countries around the world can only dream and Nest Foundation work hardly on its preserving and popularizing around the world.

The opportunity of playing an active part in the Nest Foundation mission is in your hands!

The team of Nest Foundation is from young and energy people, and attract people whit huge worldly and professional knowledge.

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